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BrightBidGoogle’s Advertising Technology Platform Announces ReleaseThe future of search”Which is a white paper highlighting key industry trends in Google Search and new technologies that help drive high returns on advertising costs.

The Covid-19 epidemic has caused a great deal of corporate migration as marketing campaigns have seen a shift to online platforms create a high demand for digital marketing solutions. In an already highly competitive payment search environment, this forces marketers to bid well on market prices for interest, clicks, and conversions while earning the same amount, if not lower, returns. Return on Advertising Costs (ROAS).

“Paid search is responsible for 28% of global advertising spend, and the UK is 40% higher in the latest data, so it is not surprising that the UK The UK is the second largest market for Google Search in 2021. With CPC inflation at 15%, this makes online standing a challenge and more difficult to drive conversions, “said Gustav Westman, CEO and co-founder of BrightBid said. “Businesses will be competing for the top spot in Google search results, which will not be cheap. The question that marketing teams will have to ask themselves is whether these additional investments are improving performance and helping them reach their target audience compared to inflating their costs. This is where marketing processes and decisions can be enhanced using automation and artificial intelligence-driven tools.

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With 63,000 search queries per second, 15% of which have never been entered before, it can be hard to predict how customers will find a brand online. This, along with price-per-click (CPC) inflation, has risen to 15% this year, making it important for search campaigns to optimize on a more detailed level. There is already evidence that using AI as a search partner not only enriches market processes, but also provides a competitive advantage for businesses.

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The white paper outlines four points that, if taken action, will have a transformative effect on the success of their search strategy. Data integration and accuracy, a holistic approach across paid and organic skills and resource management, along with AI automation and machine learning.

Christos Stavropoulos, Chief Product Officer at BrightBid, says: “The partnership between artificial intelligence and search is one that brings a lot of benefits to both consumers and businesses.” “This is because AI can dig into long keywords and seek new insights into the audience’s behavior, something that even the most talented and experienced marketer can not do. AI solutions and automation We come to ourselves as an extra layer on Google’s own product because it is not a black box – the marketing team can see how it works better, unlike Google’s solution. We also work with competitors. Unique in bidding on any keywords, which means that our AI does not inflate the CPC, which can occur if all players use the Google solution without additional input. All this ensures that users receive relevant information. About the brand they really want to join and save the business from wasting advertising budgets that are limited to campaigns and strategies that rarely lead to conversion or reach their target audience.

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BrightBid has created a white paper to highlight new trends in audience targeting, artificial intelligence (AI) keywords and automation, as well as provide practical steps that businesses can take to improve their campaigns and increase their marketing budget by 2023.

BrightBid Search Future Papers can be found here


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