AI and the future of work: will Artificial Intelligence affect the workforce?

Experts think that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will first automate important tasks. Driving, transporting groceries and so on. For eight years in a row, Elon Musk has promised to be fully self-driving in his Tesla. There has been significant progress towards this goal, mostly by companies other than Tesla. But sipping Beetroot As the autopilot driving us from Marina to Mylapore is still a long way off.

We may have done amazing – or scary, depending on how you see it – running on the other front. Today, AI is coding capable of producing protein structures as well as product strategies, screen writing, reconsidering our tragic corpses as superheroes torn apart, making music videos. All this in a fraction of the time it would take a semi-competent expert with the current equipment. News Update Some of you may think that your water supplier Peruval’s job prospects are brighter than your daughter Paromita, who is planning a career in software engineering. So will an AI make your work obsolete?

What is AI?

It helps to have an accurate mental model of what an AI system really is. Think of them as a kind of drawing: from input to output. The spam detector running under Gmail is an AI that maps the contents of an email to a ‘spam’ or ‘ham’ category. Dall-E, the creator of AI art, is drawing from English text to their iconic image.

The AI ​​system inside Waymo (formerly Google’s self-driving car project) maps from the current location, speed, relative position of the vehicle around the desired direction, and signals related to the next desired driving activity. Their driverless taxis have just launched in the United States

Will AI really take my job?

AI historians will mark this decade as the era of next-generation AI technology. This loosely defined word sets it apart from the AI ​​model that creates images, music, and text from people who work. Decide or make predictions.

AI models create text and images released this year are more appropriate than what they do. The proof is in the Gofundme campaign to protect artists from AI technology, which raised $ 150,000 this week. Or the World Economic Forum report, which estimates that by 2025, machines will change 85 million jobs, even if they create 97 million new jobs.

The lesson from history is that we should take such figures with more than one tablet of salt. Seeing the advancement of AI in 2022, the Davos set will do well to review their top 20 work under the declining demand category. They have the top three accountants, payroll maintainers and accounting clerks. If someone loses their job, it’s the one who wrote the job futures report 2020: Accountants will do well (they are exempt from Excel’s best efforts).

Rarely does technology eliminate the whole job. In practice, technology simply automates work and reduces work-related labor. A farmer and his cow used to plow one acre a day. Using the same tractor, farmers can now plow 15 acres in a single window. Next-generation AI tools will introduce a similar rate of productivity increase in knowledge work. They will also demonstrate some of the tools and skills that are no longer used in the process. Improving productivity and profitability as a result always brings more work. This is the case in the United States. Between 2008 and 2018, across 11 jobs considered to be at risk from AI, the average employment rate increased by 13%.

New technologies also create completely new types of work. There was no pilot before the plane. It’s hard to imagine how a new type of AI job would end up creating a job. Many suggestions that motivate engineering – finding the best way to relate your intentions to AI – can be with. I was not sold. First, as AI researcher Andrej Karpathy observes, such roles are similar to those of psychologists. Second, what we need is another AI that maps from plain English to a more descriptive question that the general AI model prefers. So do not waste your time to master the skills of imagination.

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The value of innovation

How much does it cost to train a generation AI model like GPT-3? About $ 4.5 million, according to some estimates. We can not know for sure, because OpenAI, although its name is confidential to such details. Tom Goldstein, a professor of computer science at the University of Maryland, estimates that companies need to spend about $ 100,000 a day, or $ 3 million a month, to keep ChatGPT up to date.

At a more detailed level, it costs $ 0.0003 to generate words from a language template. If you get ChatGPT to write your MBA certificate in 12,000 words, it will cost less than $ 4 in calculation costs. We also know that it costs about $ 600,000 to train Stable Diffusion 1, a text-to-open source image model. If you want to use Stable Diffusion for image creation with the standard setting of 512 x 512 resolution, it costs $ 1 to create 500 images. The generation drafted by the interns is dead.

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Some have suggested a three-step process to understand how humans and AI will collaborate on future cognitive tasks. Demand came from people, they consulted the AI ​​system for the options menu and then took the most tailored option and further improved it for their purpose. This is a useful framework. But note that AI does not really change the structure of cognitive value production in the institution.

In the future, there may be little incentive to hire and mentor young staff. However, I doubt the kids will be okay. What is about to be broken is the current model of how skills are acquired. We need to restructure our education system as well as our traditional career path as a matter of urgency. ChatGPT produces MBA B + articles on special topics such as communication contracts. High school teachers and college professors are in a state of shock.

How can we grow in the early AI world?

The answer is to become more human. Qualities such as agency, commitment, empathy and perseverance will be more valuable in the workplace. Bottom line: We often structure these characteristics in our initial work. So where we can get them – at the beginning as a young employee is almost impossible – is a question I do not have the answer at the moment.

As a general formula, pay more attention to your clients and colleagues, think carefully about your work and its place in the world, and master the details of its knowledge base should serve anyone. Well. Boilerplate coding will not get you as far as software engineers. Instead, start exploring the slowness, complexity of algorithms, and clean abstractions. Across the board, there will be less incentive to tolerate the smart but flammable species in the workplace. So maybe a little humility and intimacy for those of us who work in white.

The new generation AI party is just beginning and the party will be exciting.

Write like Shakespeare, draw like Picasso

So how good is this generation of AI systems? Scary good in certain contexts. This image of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy was not taken: it was created by a text-to-image AI model. It takes a bit of effort to notice the disadvantages: Monroe’s shoes and how her feet fit them. An unnatural drop in her right shoulder; asymmetry of her neck bone. Even if you parse the image for its disadvantages, remember that we are only one year old of this technology. Also keep in mind that designers will have to spend at least several hours to Photoshop something similar. Upon receipt of the SMS message, the AI ​​model will convince the Polaroid in less than five seconds.

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With the creation of the script, the story becomes more brutal. In June of this year, Google engineers who spent a lot of time chatting with LaMDA claimed that the chatbot was attractive. The poor sparrow was later stopped. Michelle Huang, a New Yorker working at the intersection of art and technology, recently modified the GPT-3, an OpenAI language model, with her own journal entries from an early age. She claims to have ‘healed’ from the horror of the comparative question, “Are you eight years proud of yourself? When I heard her insider say, “I’m proud of you” through the chat box, I asked ChatGPT, a GPT-3 optimized for human conversation, how AI would change the future. Here is a response with a few sentences edited for short: “The potential use is to help with repetitive tasks or to use time by allowing people to focus on creative work and Strategically … language models like me and ChatGPT have the potential to increase efficiency and productivity. [but] Should be used in conjunction with workers rather than replacing them. “The use of these technologies should also be carefully considered and implemented in an ethical manner and respect the rights and needs of all employees.”

Display bar of Anian– Like multiple personality disorder tendencies – ‘Myself and ChatGP’ when it comes to ChatGPT – The answer is the sort of reason you would expect the first year of computer science to complete a bachelor’s degree. But this is not the only limitation of ChatGPT. ChatGPT Good at speaking, not very good at reasoning, good at math, good at telling the truth. Just a combination of traits that makes a person well suited for corporate consulting.

The Colombo-based writer is not a prophet. He is an AI engineer.


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