After Dear Evan Hansen Backlash, Ben Platt Shares Candid Feelings About The Internet (And Twitter In Particular)

When trailer Dear Evan Hansen, out firstPeople on Twitter had no problems expressing negative criticism. They felt the need to point out that Ben Platt seemed too old for the role, and that his acquisition of the role was based on nepotism. After suffering backlash for his role in Dear Evan Hansen, The 29-year-old spoke about his sincere feelings towards the Internet and Twitter.

Ironically, social media played a role in the story Dear Evan Hansen. Evan became an internet sensation on YouTube when he raised awareness of an institution based on a student who committed suicide only to experience a backlash when his secret to not actually being friends with that student came to light. In an interview with New York timesBen Platt expressed the “difficult experience” he had with the Internet afterwards Dear Evan Hansen, And how he wished people would view the musical adaptation in a more positive light.

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It was definitely a disappointing and challenging experience, and it definitely opened my eyes to the internet and how awful it can be. You’d think, having played dear Evan Hansen on stage for four years, I’d already know it. I do my best to focus on the people who told me he was moving on to them and really felt like seeing them. It is very easy for good to be drowned out by evil.


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