ADIA Lab Puts Out Research Award for $100K

Posted on 12/05/2022

Earlier, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) set up the ADIA Lab. ADIA puts out $ 100,000 in research awards that will focus on investment strategies. ADIA has issued a call for papers for the “ADIA Lab Award for Investment Reason Research” – focusing on finance and economics, focusing on investment strategies – with a $ 100,000 prize to be distributed between the authors of the submission. Suggest the top three. It said.

ADIA Lab Website:

Link to file:

According to its website, ADIA Lab focuses on key social issues such as climate change and energy transformation, blockchain technology, financial inclusion and investment, decision-making, automation, cyber security, health sciences, education, telecommunications and space. . Edge research in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and High-Performance Computing.

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The inaugural ADIA LAb Advisory Board includes:

Professor Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, Professor of Toshiba in Arts and Science Media at MIT, co-founder of MIT Media Lab and founder of MIT Connection Science and Human Dynamics Labs.

Professor Miguel Hernan, winner of the 2022 Rousseeuw Prize for Statistics, Professor Kolokotrones of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at Harvard Chan School of Public Health and Director of CAUSALab.

Professor Jack Dongarra, Winner of the 2021 ACM AM Turing Award, Member of the US National Academy of Engineering, Fellow of the Royal Society, Honorary Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Tennessee, Honorary Research Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Department of Energy, Turing Fellow at the University of Manchester’s School of Mathematics and an associate professor in Rice University’s Department of Computer Science.


Dr. Edward Jung, co-founder and chief technology officer of Intellectual Ventures and co-founder of Microsoft Research. Dr. Jung is the holder of more than 1,200 patents worldwide, covering breakthroughs in biomedical, computer, energy and material sciences.

Professor Marcos López de Prado, Head of Global – Quantitative Research and Development at ADIA, Professor of Practice at Cornell University School of Engineering and Professor of Practice at the Department of Mathematics at Khalifa University. Quant of the Year 2019 by The Journal of Portfolio Management and Buy-Side Quant of the Year 2021 by

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Professor Alex Lipton, Head of Global Research, Quantitative and Development at ADIA, meets with the Dean and colleagues of the Dean at HUJI’s Business Administration, Professor of Practice at the Department of Mathematics at Khalifa University, and students of Connecticut Sciences at MIT’s Media Lab. Quant of the Year 2000 and Buy-Side Quant of the Year 2021 by

Dr. Horst Simon is a two-time Gordon Bell Award winner (1988, 2009), Director of ADIA Lab, former Deputy Director and Head of Research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and former Director of the National Energy Science Research Center.

Additional board members are expected to be appointed as the ADIA Lab grows.


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