98 pc of gaming advertisers have increased their spends on mobile gaming app: InMobi Report

With over 9.33 billion mobile games downloaded in 2021 alone, India is now the second largest mobile games market in the world – behind only China, according to the InMobi Mobile Games Promotion Report.

According to the report, 43 percent of players in India are women and 31 percent are over 45 years old.

Since the pandemic, the world has seen a gaming revolution. For every person excited by the world of mobile gaming apps, there are brands that have dedicated marketing budgets to the medium.

Increase in ad spend

6 out of 10 advertisers only started using mobile game advertising in the last 2 years, resulting in a 2x increase in ad spend. 98 percent of gaming advertisers said they increased their mobile gaming app spend over the past year, as evidenced by the whopping 2X jump in mobile gaming ad spend compared to the previous year.

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Advertising on mobile gaming apps can be easily scaled and optimized using programmatic channels, and as such remains a firm favorite for brands.

Within the programmatic domain, open exchange is the most popular method with 42 pc and private marketplace deals follow in second place with 38 pc. However, several advertisers in India still (wrongly) buy directly from publishers, assuming that this is the primary way to advertise on mobile gaming apps. Some of the mobile gaming ad formats most studied by advertisers include rewarded video, playable ads, and interstitials.

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Blended in-game ads is the most popular format that advertisers want to use in the future. Unlike traditional banners, they give advertisers the flexibility to advertise on different types of real estate within the game – such as billboards or buildings – and thus create a better memory through immersive advertising.

The report also mentions the top reasons for Indian advertisers to promote mobile gaming apps. These include increased audience attention and retention, better targeting and personalization, access to hard-to-reach audience segments, trusted brand-safe environments, and innovative promotional offerings.

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The report also delves into the myths surrounding mobile game advertising. Despite the explosive opportunity right in front of them, most marketers are reluctant to take the plunge and invest in mobile game advertising. They have misguided notions about the lack of personas, placements, engagement and of course brand safety, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Data from the InMobi platform shows 60% Y/Y growth in advertiser spend volume for mobile gaming apps up 2X Y/Y3, average spend per advertiser increased 32 percent. 38 percent of advertisers spend on mobile gaming apps today. Gaming apps accounted for 34 percent of all ad spend.

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