3 Ways to Screenshot Snapchat Without Letting Them Know

Snapchat is known for sharing pictures or videos with your friends and is meant to be viewed once. If someone tries to take a screenshot or save a snap, the app notifies the sender. While this is immoral and Snapchat uses several security measures to prevent this from happening. If you’re still ready to save a snap, read on for how to take a screenshot of a snap without sending a notification to the sender. Moreover, you can also learn how to hide Snapchat Story from someone.

How do I take a screenshot of a snap without notification?

Screenshot a Snap is not a good idea as the sender will be notified. Here are some other quick methods you can use to save a Snap without letting the other person know.

Use screen mirroring

Screen mirroring allows you to share your smartphone screen with other displays like a laptop. This allows you to take a screenshot of the snap on your computer while it’s mirroring, so the sender isn’t notified. The easiest way to share your screen would be through the Zoom app.

1. Launch the Zoom app on your phone and send yourself an invite link. You can also read our guide on how to share a screen with Zoom.

2. press the join link on your computer and start the meeting on your smartphone.

Screenshot snap without notification

3. Once your phone is Screen is shared with your computer, go grab you want to save.

4. Now you can take one Screenshot on your desktop. You can also learn the six ways to take screenshots on a desktop.

Screenshot snap without notification

Viola! You just took a Snap without notifying the sender. Note that iPhone users will still receive a notification that you’ve started recording your screen. If the zoom doesn’t work, see our guide on how to mirror a phone screen to Windows for more options.

Use the Screen Recorder app

Another way to take a snapshot without notification is to record your screen through a screen recording app present on your phone. Please note that with the latest updates of Snapchat on iOS this is no longer possible and on iPhones this can notify the user.

1. Activate screen capture on your Android phone.

Screenshot snap without notification

2. Now, Open the snap you want to save and record them on the screen. Now, Stop screen recording and check the clip in your phone’s gallery.

3. Once you’ve captured the footage/snapshot, you can do both trim it down or take a screenshot the screen recording saved in your gallery by pausing the video.Screenshot snap without notification

You can learn more about screen recording from our article on how to record a screen on Android.

Using an external device to capture snap

You can use an external device to take a snap without sending an alert. Note that this uses a camera to capture your phone’s screen, so there may be some loss of quality in the footage. That’s how it’s done:

1. open that Snapchat You want to capture and direct the camera of the other phone on it.

2. Once the snap is loaded, take a picture from the camera.

Screenshot snap without notification

Summary: Screenshot of a snap with no notification

So, these are some quick ways to scan a snap without sending a notification to the sender. You can also learn how to record calls on Android without any warning. If you found this guide helpful, please like and share it with your friends. Check out more useful tech tips and tricks linked below and stay tuned for more such tips and tricks.

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