3 Google Chrome extensions to boost productivity I’d never heard of before

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The other day I wrote about three Google Chrome extensions I plan to use in 2023 to be more productive when I’m in the browser (nice phrase, stop wasting time).

Well, some ZDNET readers have kindly reached out to suggest some productivity enhancing Google Chrome extensions that have never been seen before.

I installed and used them, and there are three that I want to share with you because they are so cool.

Also: Friendly reminder: Apple’s Dark Sky weather app will stop working soon.

These will definitely get a lot of use next year.

BlockSite: Block Websites and Stay Focused

BlockSite: A Sample of Blocking Websites and Staying Focused on the Tools You're Using

BlockSite: Block websites and stay focused.

block site

As the name suggests, this extension can be used to create a blacklist for websites you want to avoid at all times or during working hours.

It has advanced features such as scheduling along with a block list, an Intensive mode that lets you break down large tasks into 25-minute chunks, an adult content filter, and an insights tool to see how you’re using it. your time.

All in all, a very powerful tool to help you manage your time.

Get BlockSite from the Chrome Web Store: Block Websites and Stay Focused

Unhook — Remove YouTube Suggested Videos

Unhook -- Unhook the YouTube Recommended Videos extension in use

Unhook — Unhook YouTube recommended videos.


I love YouTube. They even pay for premium services. But I’ve found that YouTube is one of those digital rabbit holes that can eat up a lot of my time. I am nerdy watching videos about the importance of dipping to see something interesting or relevant and staying focused after about 5 tangents.

Also: Here’s why we switched to YouTube TV.

Unhook removes a whole raft of YouTube distractions, including featured sidebars, end screen video suggestions, user comments, homepage related video feeds, trending tabs, autoplay and uncommenting, and more.

And the nice thing is, you can turn off the extension when you want a tangentially full viewing session.

Get Unhooks from the Chrome Web Store.

Nozzle Lee

Nozzle Lee

Nozzle Lee

This extension allows you to play background sounds to help you concentrate while working, studying or relaxing by blocking out other annoying noises.

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Noisli creates a “personalized sound environment” with selectable sound playlists.

This was one of the extensions I was skeptical of at first, but I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it grew on me.

Download Noisli from the Chrome Web Store.


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