265 ventilators lying unused at IGGMCH, Nagpur due to lack of trained staff

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Nagpur: In a clear case of civic apathy, reports have surfaced that nearly 265 ventilators lie idle at the Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital (IGGMCH). This even when a patient died while waiting for ventilators. Hospital management said this was due to the lack of availability of trained staff at the hospital.
In a recent case, a critically ill patient with a kidney condition died after allegedly waiting more than 30 hours at the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), despite ventilators being available but not enough trained staff to operate them.

According to sources, the transfer of patients between IGGMCH and GMCH, the two government hospitals, is quite common when needed. However, what stopped the GMCH government from seeking help in the recent crisis is not clear, the Times of India reported.

Sources said as many as 58 ventilators are out of service at both medical colleges, including the 25 received under the PM Cares program at IGGMCH.

IGGMCH received 290 ventilators from various sources during the Covid pandemic, including 200 under PM Cares. Of these 25 fans are not operational and while 265 are operational they have been left in storage and gathering dust.

Apart from the Covid ward, 10 ventilators on the MICU, 14 on the SICU, 8 on the NICU and 15 on the NICU + PICU are in working order according to manpower availability at IGGMCH, sources said.

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GMCH Dean Dr. Sudhir Gupta said they have 85 PM Cares ventilators. “We have a total of 228 ventilators from different sources. Of these, 194 are functional, 9 are irreparable. Also, 40 ventilators are kept at the Covid ward and cannot be used for general patients for fear of infection.

The GMCH only has 140 ventilators with a patient load of 2,000. However, not every patient needs a ventilator. doctors said. But recently, the flow of critical patients and accident cases has increased, increasing the need for ventilators, they said.

Authorities at the GMCH said none of the ventilators are lying around unused as patients continue to pour into the hospital.

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However, 30 ventilators are now being used at the IGGMCH to replace regular ventilators in the event of breakdowns or repair work. IGGMCH officials said they were desperate to train manpower and infrastructure to use the equipment available.

The GMHC dean also said the problem isn’t the availability of ventilators, but the lack of trained staff to operate these sophisticated machines. Gold standard is a doctor for two beds in the intensive care unit. But here a resident manages 10 to 12 ventilation beds in medical schools. Such a workload requires a faculty member, three junior residents and registered nurses,” officials from both colleges said.

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