14m Lagosians Commute Through Lagos Inland Waterways Yearly–Sanwo-Olu

The governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, at the end of the week, said that 14 million people of Lagos travel through the waterway of the country every year.

The governor announced this while inaugurating a first-of-its-kind Water Monitoring and Data Management Center that will improve operations on government waterways.

Inaugurating the facility in Falomo, Lagos, Sanwo-Olu said, the establishment of the center will include timely information and collect data for the continuous improvement of inland waterways.

He, he said, also expressed his commitment to the Greater Lagos project, especially in the Management and Transport pillar of the Strategic Plan.

According to him, “in the last three years, daily ridership has increased to 43,000 passengers and more than 14 million passengers annually.

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“The reduction in boating accidents achieved through our massive intervention in safety equipment and donations of free life jackets across the 15 water accessible LGAs is also evident.

“Our meeting here today deepens our commitment to safe waterways and establishes a new Search and Rescue unit responsible.

”The team has been established to monitor and enforce our laws and regulations on waterways.

“Now, two more patrol boats with safety enhancement equipment such as DJI Ariel drone, BlueEye Pro drone for underwater search, and U-SAFE (recovery equipment).”

The governor said that one of the main goals of this post is to adopt a multi-modal transport system aimed at developing water and rail transport.

He said the introduction of a multi-modal transport strategy would reduce traffic congestion on the roads.

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Sanwo-olu emphasized external relations with the British Government through Future Cities Nigeria and the French Government through the French Development Agency.

The governor said that in the past three and a half years, his administration has invested heavily in river infrastructure and materials to promote water delivery in the state.

He pointed out that the government’s efforts increased ridership, improved safety standards and the introduction of special units.

Sanwo-Olu said all these were acquired and established to consolidate efforts to make the waterways safe for all users.

He said, the government also showed its commitment to provide an alternative transport solution that can complement other means: rail and road transport systems.

Earlier, the director general, LASWA, Mr Damilola Emmanuel, said the center is equipped with control, ship tracking system, radio and video communication network and tide monitoring system.

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“This center will enable the government to have a monitoring and control system that will enable LASWA to track, monitor and control all marine vessels operating around the Lagos inland region.

“The WMDMC has a multi-sensor, multi-platform continuous and fully integrated surveillance system. It can detect and track any vessel of any size and type.

“It can identify all boats, automatically monitor the activities of ships, and detect and warn against illegal and suspicious behavior,” he said.

The commissioner for transport, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde, said, the center deployed a full range of Search and Rescue Safety Enhanced equipment for aerial and underwater search and rescue.


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