We heard you were wondering...

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about The Bootstrapper Guild and our answers.

What’s a bootstrapper, and why would I want to be one?

Our favorite way to describe a bootstrapper is someone who’s a “do-it-yourself entrepreneur.” We’re the type that don’t mind getting our hands dirty, learning new skills, and watching the bottom line above all else. In our opinion, it’s the fastest, easiest, and safest way to build a profitable business. No downsides! For us, bootstrapping isn’t just a strategy; it’s a way of life.

What the heck is a micro-business?

It’s what you’ll be building! A micro-business is just like any other business in the sense that it exists to solve a valuable problem for people and earn good money for doing so. The key distinction is that a micro-business is built in a way that allows you to run it on less than a full-time schedule, and can be looked after by just one person—you. You only need to expand if and when you want to.

Will this work if I don’t already have a business? What if I don’t even have an idea?

The whole purpose of the quick-start guide is to solve exactly this problem. Over the first month, we’ll help you find a business idea you love and actually has the potential to make money. Then we’ll help you implement it. After that, we’ll spend each month making it better and more profitable.

Will this work if I already have an established business?

We think that the lessons and community inside The Bootstrapper Guild are highly valuable no matter what level your business is at—we still use them every day—but as a “very general rule” you’ll get the most value from the guild if you’re business is currently making less than $1,000/month. And the quick start guide is a great resource for implementing your next business project.

I don’t want to run an “online business.” Is there anything here for me?

Absolutely. We love helping local businesses who aren’t primarily online. Understand, though, that no business today can ignore “online” and thrive in the long run. Even local businesses can get a lot from expanding into the online world.

What if I have a family/other commitment/very little free time?

If you can devote 1 hour every day to working on your micro-business, we’re more than confident you’ll be able to perform all the necessary work and make progress. Over time, you’ll be able to do more with less as your business becomes more established. If an hour each day seems like a lot, don’t worry too much. The very first lesson of the quick start guide teaches you how to create two free hours in your schedule.

Is it possible to get help with my very specific business questions?

This is exactly what the community forum is for. If you have a specific question you need help with, just log in and post it. We regularly monitor and answer questions, and the power of the community to help crowd source answers to difficult questions is pretty amazing.

If you need extra special or long-term help, we also offer limited, private consulting for an additional cost. You can learn more inside when/if you need it.

What if I get overwhelmed or fall behind?

Building a business can certainly be stressful at times, and we’ve taken that into account. Our lessons and action plans are specifically designed to minimize problems like this. For the first 30 days as you go through the quick start guide, it will be a faster pace. But once you get through that (and we’ll help you along the way), it’ll be more relaxed.

What if I need to drop out or cancel?

No problem. It’s easy to pause or cancel, and you can do it anytime. Once you cancel your account, you’ll never be charged again. And if you decide to come back, you can reinstate your old account.

How much will it cost to keep my business running after I start it?

We know we can help get you started for less than $100, and we’re pretty sure we can keep you going for less than that, too. Ongoing monthly costs are wildly different depending on what type of business you’re running, but we operate on one very basic—but very important—bootstrapping principle: we never spend more than we make, period.

Is there a refund policy?

We have a rock solid guarantee that we take very seriously. You can read about it here. Because we work very hard from Day 1 and onward to help you build your micro-business and our service is very affordable, we cannot offer refunds on monthly dues that have already been paid. But remember, you can cancel at any time and never be charged again.

So, how much does it cost?

After a 2-week trial period for $1, monthly membership dues are $24.

Don’t see your questions answered here? Feel free to submit one. We’ll get right back to you.