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“Your Module on Web Design for Non-Designers helped me tremendously in getting my site done. I never would have thought I could build something like that so thank you!” – Sarah Mason, Charlotte, NC

“I joined up for the two-week trial yesterday and I’ve already noticed how valuable this could be for me.”  – Agust Blondal, Delta, BC

“Wow… my customers have left me really good feedback so far… they love their products! I’m so excited… I love what I’m doing. Thank you Tyler <3″ – Tiger Brooke, Los Angeles, CA

“I wanted to let you know that I thought TBG was really great. The only reason I didn’t continue was because I had already spent so much money on [redacted competitor's product](which has similar material) that I couldn’t justify the additional expense. ([competitor's product] was very expensive.)

I wish I had come across your class first because TBG is more affordable. And the fact that you allow community dialog gives your method an edge over [competitor's product].

That said. I might join in a few months just for the advantage of community.” – Brandon Dauphinais, Huntsville, AL